Do you find yourself dealing with cluster headaches on a regular basis and don’t know how to find relief? Let Bend Headache Center treat the source, not the symptoms, to get you back to living a pain-free life!
Cluster headaches can come from any of these issues: postural problems, developmental disorders, stress, childhood airway problems, current airway issues, TMJ imbalance, sleep patterns, car accidents/whiplash, nutritional habits, sinus issues, or any combinations of the above.  
The team at Bend Headache Center is specifically trained to find alternative, certified treatment for your cluster headaches. This includes non-surgical and drug-free solutions. Our treatments are focused on finding balance in the entire system, not just one part of it. We find that if you set the body up for success, it will heal itself.
Contact Bend Headache Center for an evaluation, and to learn more about eliminating your cluster headache pain.

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