Are you a chewing-gum connoisseur? Do you enjoy a good stick of gum? 
You’re in for some good news: Chewing gum can help you keep that smile bright and healthy! 
Gum can help you reduce the cavities along your gum line, as well as increasing the saliva in your mouth to fight off infection, so one can safely reduce their chances of poor oral health just by popping a stick of gum in! 
Why is chewing gum so good for your oral health?
Granted, there’s a difference between chewing regular gum and chewing sugarless gum. Read on to learn more about how gum can benefit your oral health. 
Reason 1: Saliva
Your mouth already has a powerful resource: saliva. Saliva helps fight cavities and other oral health issues by acting as a protective film across your teeth, as well as being a beneficial mineral wash, rinsing away tartar and food. Chewing gum increases saliva production, so you can help protect your teeth from tartar buildup and other oral issues that could arise. 
Reason 2: Encourages the Production of Th17 Cells
This collection of cells actively help in mitigating oral infections in the mouth. Activated by chewing, theses cells proactively fight off oral infections – and all you have to do is chew!
Reason 3: The Ingredient Xylitol
This ingredient acts as an antimicrobial, an agent that kills bacteria and other infection-causing diseases. By chewing gum that contains xylitol, you can effectively increase your chances of eliminating plaque and tartar from your gum line. 
Therefore, when selecting a piece of chewing gum, make sure it’s sugar free. Whatever chewing gum you pick up, it should have the American Dental Association Seal attached to it, signalling it is completely sugar-free. 
Lastly, be cautious of replacing your regular oral health habits with a nifty stick of gum. You should still make sure to floss and brush your teeth regularly, twice a day, and routinely attend checkups and doctor’s visits.
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