Pain. Every day.

Are you living with chronic head pain? If so, you already know that it can affect every single aspect of your life — from work to relationships to enjoying extracurricular activities and hobbies.

Everyone experiences a headache from time to time, but what happens when it turns into having head pain every day? What happens when you’re living with migraine pain, sinus headaches or tension-type headaches every day, even when you first wake up?

According to the World Health Organization, this situation is the reality for many individuals; up to one adult in 20 has a headache every or nearly every day.

And while you can likely manage the occasional headache with an over-the-counter pain reliever, daily headaches, sinus pain and migraines — which are also very common — can be extremely painful.

Many people with chronic head pain refer to their experience as disabling, overwhelming and disrupting, as the pain is often so intense that it is life-altering.

Individuals living with headaches and migraines often experience personal suffering and impaired quality of life. Those living with frequent head pain attacks also often experience high anxiety and stress, living in constant fear of the next episode. This stress can also bring on more head pain and tension headaches.

Overall, headaches can rob you of time with your loved ones, a social life and even employment.

And while those living with head pain live with intense pain and the effects of this pain in every aspect of their lives, their experience is often written off by others as a minor or trivial complaint. Many chronic headache sufferers also often deal with the fact that the physical, emotional, economic and social effects of headaches and migraines are often overlooked; those affected are told to “get over it.”

Frequently, people living with chronic headaches or migraines get handed prescriptions or a list of self-care treatments to ease their discomfort. Still, these fixes don’t fix anything. Instead, they just mask the symptoms of untreated underlying problems.

If you can’t just “get over it,” if you cannot function in your day-to-day life, and if your headaches and the side effects of headaches and migraine symptoms such as nausea and fatigue are robbing you of truly living, it’s time to call the Bend Headache Center.

We understand, and we can help.

Bend Headache Center offers headache and migraine services as well as an initial consultation so that you can pinpoint exactly why you are experiencing chronic head pain. You will also find out how we can get you back to living the pain-free life you deserve.

Our treatments are drug-free, natural and non-surgical, and most importantly, they bring you the relief you need.

The Cause of Headaches

Did you know that 70 percent of headaches are misdiagnosed?

Headaches can develop from many issues, including head injury, stress, injury, poor diet, development disorders, postural problems, airway issues, bite imbalance, jaw problems and TMJ dysfunction, allergies and sinus issues, or any combination of the above.

One primary cause of migraines, cluster headaches, neck pain and related facial/head area pain is muscle imbalances of the entire head and neck region.

Indicators of a muscle imbalance in this region include not only headaches, migraines and cluster headaches, but also temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD/TMJD), a painful jaw condition that can result in loss of jaw function, dizziness and other movement disorders, ear pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), ear pain, neck pain, clenching/grinding (bruxism), forward head posture, tingling fingertips and numbness in the arms, difficulty sleeping, sleep breathing disorders, and facial pain.

How Does the Bend Headache Center Help Restore Your Quality of Life

Our team is trained to find the cause of your chronic headaches or migraines and identify alternative, certified treatments to get you out of pain and get your life back on track.

Our treatments are focused on finding balance in the entire system, not just one part of it. We also believe that if you set the body up for success, it will heal itself.

For the majority of people suffering from headaches, migraines or chronic head pain, effective treatment requires no expensive equipment, tests or trips to specialists. Headache disorders are mostly, and rightly, managed in primary health care.

We believe that the essential components of effective headache treatment include awareness of the problem, correct diagnosis, avoidance of mismanagement, appropriate lifestyle modifications, and informed use of cost-effective non-drug interventions and pharmaceutical remedies when necessary.

Seek Treatment Today for Different Types of Headaches

Thousands of people with headaches suffer from varying symptoms associated with TMD/TMJ dysfunction, and many types of headaches are included in these symptoms. If you suffer from headaches, migraines, tension headaches, facial pain, joint pain, and/or neck and shoulder pain, and are tired of treatments and medications that don’t work, you owe it to yourself to explore treatment at the Bend Headache Center.

We understand your pain. We’re here for you. We can help.

Call us now to schedule your consultation, learn more about our migraine treatment and start living the life you deserve, pain-free.