The Bend Headache Center of Bend, Oregon is aiming to treat the source, not the symptoms of your headaches. 
Headaches are said to be caused by many things; stress being the main culprit, but seventy percent of headaches are actually misdiagnosed. Bend Headache Center wants to help Bend locals to live a life free of pain by releasing them from constant migraines.
Services offered are diagnosis and treatment of:

Chronic Headache Disorders
Cluster Headaches
Chronic Head Pain

This is managed by working with the Bend Headache Center to come up with a plan that will help alleviate the pain that comes from chronic headache disorders.
the steps:


The Bend Headache Center wants to help Bend, Oregon to “Live a Pain Free Life.”
Call today at (541) 330-0500 to get started.

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