Pediatric Services – Bend Headache Center – Bend, Oregon
Children can begin having migraine headaches at an early age. Migraines in children tend to be shorter than adults, but aren’t any less painful. The development of the airway is crucial to living a pain free life. The airway is the foundation for ideal balance of the head and neck complex, which begins in early childhood development. Early diagnosis is important in preventing pain and discomfort later on in life.

Bend Headache Center is active in community education of mothers-to-be of the proper development of the airway. Allergies, sleep habits, and thumb sucking all have an impact on the airway. Airway issues as a child is linked to developmental issues of the mid-face, ADHD, and bed wetting. An impaired airway later in life can cause headaches/ migraines, facial pain, dizziness, and ear congestion. By identifying and treating these influences early in development, we can prevent symptoms from starting. With an ideal airway, the mid-face will develop correctly allowing for balanced head and neck system.