The Bend Headache Center of Bend, Oregon is here to offer treatment for your migraines.
Migraines are more than just headaches. In fact, regular migraines are more than likely symptomatic of some deeper issues at hand that go beyond just the head. Here are 4 reasons why you should see a local specialist if you are having these types of migraines in Bend, Oregon:

When your migraines last for days or even weeks at a time.
When head pain interferes with daily activities: work, school, spending time with friends and family.
When you are experiencing additional symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and noise.
When your headache is triggered by weather, certain food, lack of sleep, alcohol, or any usually normal activity.

If you are experiencing longer-lasting headaches that will not go away, it is important to see a headache specialist in Bend. Migraines should not take over your life, so take control with the Bend Headache Center today.

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