Almost everyone these days wants to whiten their teeth. This makes sense since it can help improve your smile and, in some cases, boost confidence and self-image as well. The prevalence of DIY teeth whitening has also grown in recent times. Many people are tempted to try at-home teeth-whitening kits to see if they can get sparkling results while saving some money. But before you go down this route for your insta-ready smile, read on to learn some of the inherent risks involved.
Problem With the Enamel
All teeth-whitening products, including those used during professional in-office tooth whitening, contain hydrogen peroxide. While safe for whitening, hydrogen peroxide should be used in controlled quantities under the supervision of a professional. 
Using at-home teeth-whitening products indiscriminately can affect the enamel, the outer layer of the teeth. It can give the enamel a translucent appearance that will make it appear semi-transparent. With the tooth enamel already eroded, the dentin becomes exposed, putting you at risk of tooth sensitivity. 
Risks of Gum Irritations
The hydrogen peroxide used in teeth-whitening products should also be kept away from the gums. This is because the compound is reactive to hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Prolonged exposure of the gums to this product can cause redness and inflammation. Aside from being uncomfortable, this can put you at risk of some oral infections. 
Risks of Tooth Decay
The enamel plays a role in preventing tooth decay. The abrasive nature of at-home teeth-whitening products can erode the enamel irreversibly, putting the individual at risk of dental cavities.
Having a bright smile is a great thing, but is it worth all these risks when you can easily opt for a safer and more effective alternative? Getting a professional teeth-whitening procedure will eliminate all these risks so you can continue smiling beautifully for a long time, without regrets. 
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