When it comes to health and wellness, Bend, Oregon is a city that offers an array of options for those looking to stay fit in high altitude conditions. Nestled in the Cascade Range, Bend’s picturesque landscapes beckon healthy-living enthusiasts from around the world. From lack of oxygen to altitude sickness management tools, wellness considerations are an essential component to anyone’s visit to Bend.

Health Considerations in High Altitude Regions

High altitude refers to any location above 6,000 feet (feet above sea level) when viewed as a group. At heights in which oxygen levels are lower than in “normal” environments—the types of conditions you’d find at sea level—visitors may experience a variety of health issues.

At higher elevations, the air is thinner, which means that there are fewer oxygen molecules which results in less oxygen coming into the blood. This can cause a few responses in the body that visitors should be aware of including sleep apnea, edema, and chronic hypoxia—often referred to as “oxygen debt.”

Explore Bend: Managing High Altitude Health & Wellness

Despite the physical challenges that come from partaking in outdoor activities at higher altitudes, managing health and wellness when in Bend is an attainable goal. Unique health facilities, professionally-guided conditioning exercises and alternative treatment options are all available in the region to ensure you have the best experience at high altitudes without sacrificing your long-term health and wellness.

Health Facilities

When in Bend, you’ll find a myriad of health facilities that offer various courses and treatments that can help manage and even improve your physical condition at high altitudes. Look for medical healthcare centers, yoga establishments, and physiotherapy practices to help maintain balance in your body.

Professionally Guided Conditioning Exercises

Professional guided conditioning exercises aim to improve your body’s ability to pack in more oxygen-per-breath and create an environment in which your body can absorb and process oxygen more efficiently. Some exercises include altitude training rides and runs. With personal attention and programs that can be tailored to your unique health and fitness goals, conditioning programs can greatly boost energy levels, endurance, and acclamation to higher altitudes.

Alternative Treatments

In addition to the gamut of health facilities and conditioning programs, Bend offers an array of alternative treatments for those looking to benefit from the benefits of high altitude living. Alternative treatments can come in the form of energy work, acupuncture, nutrition coaching, or aroma therapy.

Attend a mindful meditation class, partake in qi gong, or begin regular mud therapy sessions to maintain better overall health, all while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Bend and the Cascade Range.

Maximizing the Health and Wellness Benefits of Bend

If you are looking to maximize the health and wellness benefits of the natural environment of Bend, there are a multitude of options to do so. Whether you are interested in engaging in outdoor activities or improving your health consciousness by taking in our beautiful surrounding environment, Bend provides an abundance of options for visitors.

Outdoor Activities in Bend

Bend is an outdoor town—all year long, local residents and visitors can partake in a host of outdoor activities including rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, trail running, and skiing. Whether you want an exhilarating challenge or a laidback day in nature, a variety of outdoor activities will ensure you can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and natures beauty.

Heath Consciousness in Bend

Beyond outdoor activities, Bend is a haven for those looking to explore their health consciousness. There are a number of meditation centers in town in addition to regular classes in yoga and tai chi. Stay in shape while enjoying the peaceful woods and stunning mountain views of the region with outdoor fitness classes or take some time to sit and relax in a Japanese-style Zen garden.

How to Get the Most Out of Bend

When visiting Bend for a short or extended stay, you can take steps to ensure that your overall experience is as health and well-balanced as possible. From engaging in exercises designed to take advantage of high altitude benefits to partaking in alternative treatments, all while enjoying the health-focused activities of the region, a visit to Bend holds the potential to significantly increase your overall revitalization.


Health and wellness considerations should always be taken into account when experiencing an unfamiliar environment like a high-altitude region. To prepare for and manage your health and wellness in Bend, many attractions and resources are available to help ensure you have the best experience possible at higher altitudes. From health facilities to alternative treatments, outdoor activities to meditation centers, Bend offers something for all those looking to explore their health consciousness while taking in the splendors of nature.

Take stock of what the area has to offer, and come ready prepared to enjoy all the health and wellness benefits Bend, Oregon has to offer.