Migraines that you would normally assume are the product of a trigger is a common misperception. The truth is, Bend Headache Center understands that a trigger can only unleash a migraine in patients who already have a migraine condition. The truth is, the trigger is not the source of your pain.
The Bend Headache Center is geared towards discovering the real source of your migraines. Once the source has been addressed, a multi-disciplinary approach will help to rebuild the head and neck system to create true harmony and long-term stabilization. Though the following information will help you prevent the unleashing of a migraine, please note that treating the source can be the permanent solution to a pain free, migraine free life.
Triggers can be so many things.  For those who are apt to get migraines both environmental influences as well as physiological influences can unlock a migraine. Stress is believed to be the number one cause of migraines. In light of this, it is important to consider not forgetting to eat, making sure you get enough sleep, and most of all drinking as much water as possible. Also, learn how to relax and not let stress overwhelm you.
Let the Bend Headache Center in Bend Oregon determine the source of your pain and help provide you with the treatment you need to live a pain free life.