Do you live in Bend? Do you have sleep apnea? If you do, never fear – you are not alone. Approximately 18 million Americans have been diagnosed with this life-threatening condition. The good news is that there are ways to manage sleep apnea, so that you can still have a comfortable and sound night’s sleep.

There are a few common tactics used to manage sleep apnea in Bend. CPAP therapy, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure therapy, is the most common approach. This is a nighttime breathing machine that actually pushes air into your airway to keep it open, making sure that you don’t have an episode. The downside to this approach is that many people find it uncomfortable to wear during sleep, and some experience claustrophobia from the mask.

The Importance of Managing Sleep Apnea

It’s important to understand that sleep apnea is more than just an annoying problem. In fact, if it goes unmanaged, it can lead to devastating consequences. For example, it can cause insomnia, which inhibits the person’s ability to accomplish simple tasks throughout the day. It also decreases cognitive functionality, which leads to memory loss, inability to concentrate, and bouts of moodiness. It can also cause an increased risk of chronic conditions, such as hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, and stroke.

When it comes to managing sleep apnea in Bend, the key is to find the right approach and treatment options for each individual. This includes looking beyond CPAP therapy to find solutions that are not only effective for preventing sleep apnea episodes, but also ensure total comfort. This is why many people are now exploring the ins and outs of oral appliance therapy.

How Bend Residents Can Benefit from Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral appliance therapy is a minimally invasive approach to managing sleep apnea. Not only does it prevent the throat from becoming restricted, but it also provides the user with the ultimate in comfort. The small oral appliance is designed to fit over the teeth and allows the user to breathe easy throughout the night. This method is especially beneficial if you end up experiencing claustrophobia from the mask during CPAP therapy.

Another benefit to oral appliance therapy is that it is a more mobile form of treatment, which makes it convenient for people who frequently travel. This device can easily be stored in a small bag, and can be taken out during the night and used in any location. You also don’t need to worry about bringing your electrical cord, as you do with CPAP machines.

How to Find Oral Appliance Therapy in Bend

Now that you understand the benefits of oral appliance therapy, you may be curious about how to go about finding this treatment option in Bend. The first step is to contact a certified sleep physician, who can provide you with the proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This individual can also refer you to a team of qualified sleep professionals who can help you explore different treatment options in more detail.

It’s important to understand that everyone’s diagnosis is unique, so you need to take the time to explore all of your options to find the best solution for your unique needs. The key is to find a treatment option that ensures a good night’s sleep without limitations or discomfort. With the help of a sleep professional, you can easily identify what will work the best for your situation.


Sleep apnea is a life-threatening condition that affects millions of individuals in the United States. When it comes to managing this condition, it’s important for Bend residents to take the time to explore all of their options. This includes looking beyond CPAP therapy to find a treatment option that is both effective and comfortable. Oral appliance therapy is a great alternative, and can be used with ease whether you are at home or traveling. With the guidance of a certified sleep professional, you can easily identify the best treatment option for your individual diagnosis.