Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore and experience all that Bend, Oregon, has to offer? Whether you’re biking the trails, hitting the slopes, or taking a dip in one of the area’s many lakes and rivers, it’s important to take care of your ears. Here are some top tips for keeping your ears healthy while enjoying all the adventure Bend has to offer.

Wear Ear Protection

One of the best ways to keep your ears healthy and safe in the great Bend outdoors is to wear ear protection. Ear protection can come in many forms, including ear plugs, ear muffs, and custom-fitted ear protection. Whichever form you choose, wearing ear protection can block out the damaging levels of sound produced by the engines of motorized vehicles and watercrafts, gunfire, as well as power tools and equipment. Ear protection is essential for those who enjoy hunting, shooting, biking, or performing work that requires loud machinery creating noise levels beyond the 85 to 90 decibels limit considered safe for extended periods of time.

Keep Your Ears Clean

Keeping your ears clean while enjoying outdoor activities is an important aspect of ear health. You should gently clean your ears at home by using a mild soap and water or an alcohol-based ear cleaning solution. If you spend a lot of time in water, like snorkeling, swimming, or kayaking, make sure to rinse your ears thoroughly with fresh water after each outing to remove any traces of chlorine, salt, or debris that can lead to ear infections. Our ears are one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies, requiring regular cleaning, but it is important to remember that the ear canal and eardrum are very delicate and should not be cleaned with any type of instrument or with excessive force.

Protect Your Ears from Infections

Ear infections can be a huge issue for any outdoor enthusiast. The cold water of local rivers and lakes can be responsible for water entering the ear canal. Not to mention that allergies and hay fever can cause mucus to build up in the ears, increasing the risk of an ear infection. If you are participating in activities where water is a high probability, make sure to use ear plugs before you start in order to keep water and other particles from entering the ear canal.

See a Professional if You Experience Symptoms

If you are experiencing any ear problems or symptoms like pain, discharge, ringing in the ears, or you are feeling off-balance or lightheaded, you should see a professional right away. These symptoms could be an indication of ear infection, hearing loss, or another condition and early treatment is key to preventing lasting damage to your ears.

By following these tips, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy all of Bend’s natural beauty while keeping their ears healthy and safe.From ear protection, ear cleaning, and protecting your ears from infections, use this guide to keep your ears healthy while relishing in the awe-inspiring sights of Bend, Oregon.