Sleep is a fundamental necessity for quality life; it’s crucial to each person’s physical and mental function, overall health, and success in life. The news frequently reports on the importance of regular and sufficient rest, from increased energy levels to improved mental function, as well as the risks associated with sleep deprivation, such as increased obesity, chronic disease, depression and anxiety. However, many people struggle with sleep assurance, struggling with insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep-disrupting disorders.

If you live in Bend, Oregon and are consistently getting poor sleep, Dr. Mingus’s innovative airway management can help. This therapy targets airway construction abnormalities so that your sleep is restful and restores your energy and overall health. In this article, we will explore the sources of poor sleep conditions and how Dr. Mingus’s airway management can help you achieve a better nights’ rest in Bend.

Sources of Poor Sleep in Bend

Bend, Oregon is a picturesque place that draws nature lovers and active individuals throughout the year. While the city’s beautiful terrain offers boundless outdoor activities and fantastic sights, the lifestyle it promotes also promotes increased symptoms of poor sleep. The most common poor sleep source is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Music to the ears of those of you call Bend Oregon home, obstructive sleep apnea is an abnormal breathing pattern that greatly impacts sleep and health. People with OSA require faster, deeper breathing while asleep so that airways can remain open. However, muscles of the upper airway relax too much during sleep, causing the airway to collapse and breathing becomes irregular and disrupted. People with OSA can hold their breath for 10 seconds or longer and have frequent arousals. They rarely achieve REM sleep, which is essential to mental health and clear thoughts.

Other airway abnormalities can also help to disturb sleep peace in Bend. These include: foreign objects blocking airways, injuries in the airway, disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy, and perforated septa from nasal injuries. It is essential when experiencing symptoms of sleep poor to visit a physician – and even more essential to visit an expert like Dr. Mingus who can evaluate and diagnose causes before recommending a therapy.

Why Dr. Mingus’s Airway Management is the answer to Restful Sleep in Bend

Once the exact source of Poor Sleep has been diagnosed, Dr. Mingus’s Airway Management can be a game changer in tackling poor sleep conditions. Airway Management is a customized sleep therapy that targets and corrects the airway obstruction(s) blighting a person’s rest. It’s considered unique because it uses no medication or invasive surgeries, requiring patients to don no bulky devices or wear bulky machinery.

Dr. Mingus’s treatment rejuvenates the airway and helps restore it to peak performance by finding improved positions for the tongue, lips, and soft tissues – the primary construction materials. This is done through the use of a custom-designed oral appliance that helps the jaw becomes positioned in such a way that the airway is cleared. In addition, it also reduces pressure on the jaw and anterior teeth, which is a big improvement from commonly used CPAP machines.

Ultimately, the result of Dr. Mingus’s airway management therapy is the patient experiences improved sleep quality that quickly translates to improved mental focus, decreased fatigue, and increased energy.

Experience A Better Night’s Sleep in Bend

If you live in Bend, Oregon and are not getting the restful sleep your body requires or have attempted other sleep therapies with no luck, Dr. Mingus’s innovative airway management therapy can help. This personalized approach corrects airway construction abnormalities to provide a better nights rest and restore energy levels, as well as vital mental clarity and performance. For more information or to request an appointment, please reach out to Dr. Mingus’s staff today.