Bend, Oregon is a vibrant and scenic city, with a lot to offer those who live there or visit for a weekend getaway. Among the attractions you’ll find here are a great selection of nightlife options ranging from bars and music venues to family-friendly dining and outdoor events.

For those who suffer from sleep apnea, finding time to enjoy what Bend has to offer without sacrificing a good night’s rest may seem like a challenge. However, sleep apnea does not have to limit your evening plans. With a little preparation and a lot of planning, you can enjoy Bend’s nightlife without worrying about being sleep deprived the next day.

In fact, a healthy evening out can even benefit you if you find the right activities and consider your needs as a sleep apnea sufferer. Here are a few tips for having a fun evening out in Bend while also getting the restful night’s sleep you need.

Choose Your Activities Wisely

Enjoying Bend’s nightlife can vary based on your level of energy and interests. Just because you have sleep apnea does not mean you have to avoid fun activities. Tailor your evening to activities that you have energy for and are exciting for you to enjoy.

This can range from taking in live music performances at one of Bend’s popular bars or music venues, to strolling through the sidewalk art exhibits or family-friendly music and entertainment events. Other choices include outdoor activities during the fall and spring months, such as walking or hiking along the Deschutes River Trail or visiting one of Bend’s nearby national parks to experience local vegetation, history, and wildlife.

Whatever your interests, make sure you are aware of your limitations and have a good understanding of the activities you’re planning. While it may be better to avoid some activities, it’s possible to find an enjoyable activity that you can participate in without worrying about your sleep apnea symptoms being severe afterward.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

For sleep apnea sufferers, it’s important to have the right equipment to ensure a good night’s rest. If planning an evening out, you should be sure to bring along oxygen tubing, nose abrasion pads, and CPAP machine disinfectant. In addition, consider bringing along a device that helps to provide relief from stuffy noses and sinuses caused by seasonal allergies or other types of obstructive sleep apnea-related symptoms.

Having the right equipment is essential to ensuring a restful night’s sleep, so it’s important to bring along any necessary items you can’t do without. Mechanisms like a CPAP machine, oxygen tubing, and nasal abrasion pads are commonly used to help manage and treat sleep apnea symptoms, but knowing that these items can be found at your destination will help make your experience more enjoyable. Many of Bend’s lodging facilities have the devices and accessories necessary for a restful night’s sleep.

Embrace the Bend Culture

For Bend residents and visitors alike, being a part of the local culture is one of the best ways to enjoy the area. Embracing local flavors or attending an event celebration can help boost your energy and encourage a good night’s rest.

Bend’s culture and nightlife is varied and unique. If you’re planning an evening out, you can enjoy the local art scene including street entertainment and music venues showcasing the sounds of Bend. For more relaxing evenings, there are numerous family-friendly dining establishments for you to enjoy. Plus, many of the local cafes, pubs, and restaurants are great ways to relax and recharge your batteries after an evening of enjoying Bend.

Know When to Say When

As important as it is to have an enjoyable evening while also having a restful night’s sleep, it is equally important to know when it’s time to leave an event and go home. Keeping an eye on your energy level and being aware of your physical limitations is crucial to ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Plan your evening out to include a relaxed or non-strenuous activity that will not tire you out too much. Having a designated time for leaving the evening’s event can help you keep track of your energy and can aid in getting the restful sleep that your body needs.


Suffering from sleep apnea does not mean you need to compromise the fun you can have in Bend. By planning and taking some precautions, you can enjoy Bend’s culture and nightlife without worrying about a restless night’s sleep.

Tailor your evening out to activities that you have the energy for and eat at family-friendly dining establishments when possible in order to help you get a good night’s sleep. Be sure to bring along the necessary equipment to help manage and treat your sleep apnea symptoms and know when to leave a given event if you need to head home.

With the right strategy for an enjoyable evening and restful night’s sleep, you can take advantage of what Bend has to offer without feeling drained the next day. Enjoying Bend’s evening culture is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of the area and make lasting memories.