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Bend Headache Center Prioritizes Patient Health

Dr. Kelley & his dedicated team at Bend Headache Center are very serious about encouraging the participation & input of the patient throughout the non-intrusive testing & diagnosis process. We pride ourselves on the fact that we will only recommend our treatment options if we are 100% confident that they will accomplish the goal of relief. It is important to us that you understand the process from beginning to end and that you are never left with questions or uncertainty. You won't be disappointed in our headache management techniques, which fuse together testing, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, & education.

Dr. Kelley's entire career has been spent with a focus on finding solutions for TMD, headaches, and neck pain. This dedication means that there is no better or more knowledgeable provider in Bend when it comes to proper diagnosis & treatment in this field. In order to inspire your own quest for information and awareness, we have provided the following links:


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