Q. How much does the Bend Headache Center charge? What if I don’t have medical insurance?
A. The Bend Headache Center offers affordable care and we frequently work with patients who don’t have insurance. We also accept most styles of insurance. We want you to feel comfortable coming in and exploring the cause of your chronic headaches and we are willing to work with you

Q. Does the Bend Headache Center’s treatments and procedures qualify to be covered by insurance?
A. As everyone’s insurance seems to vary in regards to the carrier and the policy, during your initial consultation we will explore your current insurance to answer this question for you before your consultation comes to a close.
Q. What chronic headache pain and symptoms can be treated at Bend Headache Center?
A. Frequent headaches, migraines, face and jaw pain, TMD/ TMJ as well as neck, mouth, and other chronic pain issues in these area.
Q. What causes my frequent chronic pain and symptoms? How can the Bend Headache Center resolve them?
A. Many conditions and variables can cause you pain, from genetics, bad posture, car accidents, or even improper dental care.  The good news is that the Bend Headache Center can help you work towards a pain free life.
Q. In the initial exam at the Bend Headache Center, what should I expect to take place?
A. The Bend Headache center focuses our expertise in an objective way, focusing on our cutting edge diagnostic results, helping to find the reasons for your symptoms, not just treating the symptoms themselves. Our tests are painless and focus on measuring the forces and unbalance that are contributing to your pain. The Bend Headache Center goes tooth by tooth, looking into the jaw, muscle health, and other potential chronic pain causing areas. We are proud to offer instant relief as well as long term solutions.
Q. What is the Bend Headache treatment process?
A. After the Bend Headache Center analyzes the results of your initial exam, we present an easy to understand diagnosis. Dr. Kelley and his team deliver drug-free options, focusing on finding a pain free life for our patients.


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