Dental Sleep Medicine

Sleep apnea is a growing health issue, with thousands of people being diagnosed each year. 

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. This serious, lifelong medical condition affects between 18 and 30 million adults in the United States. 90% of these people are undiagnosed. The Bend Headache center provides cutting edge treatment options for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

During sleep, all of your muscles relax, including those that control the tongue and throat. Snoring is often a symptom caused by this and it may completely obstruct your airway causing you to stop breathing. By fabricating a specialized oral appliance, The Bend Headache Center will help open the airway resulting a restful night's sleep.

Not all sleep apnea devices are made equally. In fact, most oral appliances given to patients for sleep apnea increase the issues that cause airway obstruction in the first place. By focusing on the whole airway system, The Bend Headache Center will resolve airway obstruction without oversized and obstructive oral devices.

If you are currently being treated for sleep apnea and not noticing the results that you wish for, The Bend Headache Center may be able to help. C-Pap machines are not always the answer. The Bend Headache Center may be able to help with your mild to moderate sleep apnea with our specialized appliance that we fabricate especially for you.