Bend Headache Center - What They Don't Want You To Know About Headaches and Migraines:

  • No 2 people experience headaches or migraines quite the same, every person we see at Bend Headache Center describes their struggle differently. The underlying cause of pain can vary greatly from person to person; from genetics to bad posture, car accidents to improper dental care; it is of the utmost importance to narrow down the possibilities and pinpoint the cause so it can be treated directly and the pain can be eliminated, rather than just temporarily postponed.

  • Prescription pain medications can be highly detrimental in the treatment of headaches and/or migraines. When used regularly, they can in fact increase the frequency and intensity of headache episodes. Not to mention the high risk of dependency they carry with them. Try to avoid taking prescription opioid narcotics when dealing with a migraine or headache. If you do decide to take anything, try anti-inflammatories such as aspirin or ibuprofen, as they are much more effective and carry significantly less risk. Bend Headache Center specializes in Drug Free, Non-Surgical treatments in order to reduce the exposure our patients have to the risks associated with prescription medications.

Drug Free Pain Relief Non Surgical Bend Headache Specialist Treatment Center Oregon

  • Women are unfortunately more vulnerable to migraines than men are. In the U.S. alone there are approximately 28 Million women affected by them directly, a number which doesn't include undiagnosed or misdiagnosed sufferers. That is 85% of all diagnosed chronic migraine patients in the United States! Half of these women experience more than one episode every month, and a quarter of them endure 4 or more within those 30 days! Studies continue to be conducted to determine the reason why this condition is so much more prevalent in females, but we do know that fluctuations in estrogen levels can be the cause of more severe and frequent attacks. Our specialists continually strive to stay current on all the latest and greatest technology, studies, and information to provide our clients with the very best, as well as a sense of trust and comfort knowing they are in good hands.


At the Bend Headache Center, we know the importance of listening to each individual and fully understanding their personal struggle. This allows us to recommend customized treatment based on your symptoms and personal health goals. Our treatment is entirely reversible, but we won't ever progress with treatment unless you are finding relief from the burden of your painful symptoms. We treat our patients like family, and our family grows larger with every consultation. Contact us at (541) 330-0500 to start your journey to a pain free life!