70 Percent Of Migraines Are Misdiagnosed - U.S. Economy Loses Billions To Migraine Epidemic

The True Cost Of Migraines: Billions Lost Annually

  • Families that include a migraine sufferer will spend 70% more on health care costs than a non-migraine affected family.
  • An estimated $36 billion is credited to lost productivity and healthcare costs in the U.S. annually.
  • Employers report more than 113 million lost workdays due to migraine each year, with resulting costs of over $13 billion.
  • The World Health Organization’s disability rating for migraines ranks the condition as the 19th most common reason for disability.

With the lack of research, awareness, and education in relation to this illness, over half of all migraine sufferers remain undiagnosed, leading to overspending on ineffective self treatment and worsening of the condition as it persists.    


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As of 2015, the National Institutes Of Health allocated only 50 cents per sufferer towards funding for migraine research. Considering that over half of all migraine sufferers remain undiagnosed specifically due to a lack of research, this number is in reality much smaller than 50 cents.

While there are many organizations and individual leaders in public health devoted to addressing this issue, and gaining ground with their efforts, awareness and education surrounding the condition is still lacking. This results in billions of dollars lost every year to misdiagnosis and lost productivity.

Current statistics from The Migraine Research Foundation show that at least 1 in 4 American households includes a migraine sufferer - it is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the World - chances are that if you don’t have migraines yourself, you know someone who does…


Living A Pain Free Life:

Prescriptions Will Only Treat The Symptoms... 

  • Diagnosing The Source Not The Symptoms Is Key
  • A Natural Approach To Treatment Leaves No Side Effects
  • A Drug Free Progression Saves Thousands
  • Steps That Are Non-Surgical In Nature Lead To Freedom

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What is actually causing your chronic headaches?

  • Could they be migraines?
  • Are they cluster headaches?
  • Where do they originate from?
Diagnosing the source is the absolute vital first step! 

    Due to a public lack of awareness and information, it is uncommon for headache victims to consider that their pain could originate from:

    • Postural Problems
    • Childhood Airway Problems
    • Nutritional Habits
    • TMJ Imbalance
    • Sleep Patterns
    • Car Accidents
    • Whiplash
    • Sinus Issues
    • Development Disorders
    • Any Combination Of The Above 

    With years of clinical knowledge and experience, Bend Headache Center specializes in the proper diagnosis and preventative treatment of chronic headaches and migraines. We look forward to exploring the "why" behind your ongoing pain.  You don't have to live the rest of your life incapacitated.  Treat the source not the symptoms.  Time for change.