Pain Relief Migraine TMJ Jaw Headache Non Surgical Treatment Center Bend Oregon

You're not alone! Take a stand and fight back against this debilitating chronic condition!

Dr. Kelley & his team will diagnose the cause of your painful symptoms before formulating a drug free, non-surgical treatment plan catered to your specific situation.

At Bend Headache Center, we have 1 focused goal for all of our patients here in Bend, Oregon: To get you back to living a pain free life!
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Central Oregon Bend Headache Center Non-Surgical Migraine TMJ Pain Relief

At Bend Headache Center our team is focused on providing you with drug-free, natural, non-surgical treatment to send you on the path to living a pain free life!

Whether you are experiencing: headaches/ migraines, dizziness, neck pain, tinnitus, ear congestion, popping and clicking of your jaw joint, clenching/ grinding of your teeth, head forward posture, tingling finger tips, insomnia, and/or facial pain, we are specifically trained to pinpoint and treat the source of your suffering, so you can look forward to enjoying all the things you love again!
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Located in The Healthy Bend Building right in the heart of the Old Mill District!

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Pediatric Headache Center Oregon Bend Migraine Relief Non Surgical Drug Free

While this is a startling statistic, what is even more shocking is the fact that this debilitating condition goes Undiagnosed in most adolescent sufferers!

At Bend Headache Center, we understand how important early diagnosis is to a child's development. If your little one has been suffering from headaches or stomach pains/nausea, this may be a sign of adolescent migraines, which often appear as abdominal migraines.

Call and set up a consultation, we strive to answer all your unanswered questions, especially in regards to the well being of your kiddos!

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Pain Free Bend Headache Center Healthy Oregon System Repair Drug Free Non Surgical Hope

"I went to 5 different places over 4 years. All of them just gave me an orange bottle. That was it. Last year I decided to try Bend Headache Center. Outside of my blood pressure med I have no orange bottles! It was a non-surgical & drug free route that has given me my life back again." - BHC patient
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Bend Headache Center Pain Free Chronic Treatment Migraines Oregon

Bend Headache Center can be the light at the end of suffering... Specializing in alternate solutions to the tired cycle of pills & temporary treatments. Our focus is rebuilding the head & neck system to create long-term stability & harmony.

Treat the Source, Not the Symptoms, & Live A Pain Free Life!
"Drug Free, Non-Surgical Treatment"
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Migraine Bend Headache Center Drug Free Surgery Free Pain Free Healthy Bend

Discover the TRUE underlying cause of your re-occurring headaches! Break the endless chain of prescription drugs, treat the source, not the symptoms... drug free, non-surgical... #LiveAPainFreeLife
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Headache Chronic Migraine Bend Oregon Treatment Non Surgical

Are you sick of going to war with the paralyzing pain of recurring migraines?

Let us work with you to find the underlying cause of your headaches and create a plan to treat the source and not the symptoms.

Non-Surgical, Drug Free treatment gives you back your freedom & allows you to "Live A Pain Free Life." Don't wait until the next battle begins, come see us today!

Located in the Healthy Bend Building right in the heart of The Old Mill District.

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Bend Headache Center Chronic Migraine TMJ TMD Specialist Central Oregon

There is no sense in waiting for the next excruciating episode! The time to act is now! Call Bend Headache Center, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kelley and his dedicated team. Take control and restore your sense of Hope... You can #LiveAPainFreeLife!

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Chronic Head Pain Relief Migraine Treatment Headache Center Bend Oregon


Shouldn't we be treating the source? Not the symptoms? How much must one pay for prescription band-aids in a lifetime? Scheduling: 541-330-0500