Bend Headache Center Treats Migraines in Children

Children can begin having migraine headaches at an early age and should be treated. Migraine treatment for children is available in Bend, Oregon at the Bend Headache Center. 

The Bend Headache Center values children suffering from migraines and provide top notch treatment in Bend, Oregon. We know that many headaches can begin in the early stages of a child’s life and migraine treatment at Bend Headache Center will do wonders. 

Please contact the Bend Headache Center if you believe that your child is experiencing any or all of these symptoms, migraines, or headaches in Bend. 

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Headache Treatment With

Compassion In Bend Oregon

Bend Headache Center is committed to providing compassionate treatment to our Bend Headache Clients.  We provide our clients with affordable options.  Headaches can cripple your lifestyle.  Dr. Kelley & his team at Bend Headache Center bring a comfortable atmosphere.  An atmosphere in which we identify the cause of your headaches & provide you with treatment right here in our local to Bend office.  

Time to change your life.  For a consultation please give us a call!  


Bend Headache Center wants to celebrate the Bend, Oregon community

Our Bend, Oregon community is coming together to celebrate this Saturday with KEGGER FOR THE CURE!

The community is coming together with lots of local booths, eats and drinks, with a portion of sales going towards helping Tour des Chutes support cancer survivors.

So if you're wanting to live a pain free life, come show your love for the Bend, Oregon community.

If you are a sufferer of chronic headaches or migraines, you KNOW pain. But the Bend Headache Center, located in Bend, Oregon, is here to help get to the root of the issue and help alleviate your chronic headaches, so you can live a pain free life!

Bend Headache Center addresses the cause of your chronic headaches, not just trying to mask the pain, so that you can experience true relief.

Contact the Bend Headache Center today to learn more.

Bend Headache Center - chronic headache relief in Bend, Oregon

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Don't let migraines keep you from weekend adventures anymore! At Bend Headache Center in Bend, Oregon, we can give you the tools to stop those pesky migraines.

Headaches can keep you from enjoying the tranquility of Bend, Oregon. Bend Headache Center offers headache and migraine services as well as an initial consultation so that you can pinpoint exactly why you're experiencing headaches and migraines and so that we can get you back to living a pain free life. 

Our treatments are drug-free, natural, and non-surgical.

Find out how Bend Headache Center can help you ‪#‎LiveAPainFreeLife‬!

Bend Headache Center - Bend, Oregon - Migraine Treatments


Don't let migraines keep you from weekend adventures anymore! At Bend Headache Center in Bend, Oregon, we can give you the tools to stop those pesky migraines.

So if you've been living in pain, give us a call and we can help relieve your migraines.

Find out how we can help you ‪#‎LiveAPainFreeLife‬! Contact Bend Headache Center today.

Bend Headache Center - Bend, Oregon - Migraine Treatment - Live a pain free life

Ready to get back out there and ENJOY your day?! The Bend Headache Center is here to help.

Life in Bend, Oregon can be a beautiful thing... but not if you're suffering from migraines. Get the migraine treatment you need so you can live a pain free life.

Bend Headache Center in Bend, Oregon - migraine treatments so you can live a pain-free life

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The Bend Headache Center of Bend, Oregon wants to know... is a rainy day in Bend a WELCOME thing, or does the change in pressure make your head hurt even MORE?

While it can be normal to feel differences in pressure, it can also cause your head to ache and cause a bit of pain. If this is consistently a source of pain, be sure to contact us. We can help!

Bend Headache Center - Bend, Oregon - Live a Pain Free Life

Here in Bend, Oregon it's about the hiking, biking, swimming the river, skiiing and snowboarding. So we know how frustrating it is to live with headaches and not get the relief you deserve. Bend Headache Center understands that headaches are caused by many different issues and its goal to treat the source not the symptom. 

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Bend Headache Center Services

September 01, 2015

Dr. Mingus is aiming to treat the source, not the symptoms. 

Headaches are said to be caused by many things stress being the main culprit but seventy percent of headaches are actually misdiagnosed. Dr. Mingus wants to help Bendites to live a life free of pain by releasing them from constant migraines.

Services offered are diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Migraine
  • Chronic Headache Disorders
  • Cluster Headaches
  • Chronic Head Pain

This is managed by working with Dr. Mingus to come up with a plan that will help alleviate the pain that comes from chronic headache disorders.

the steps:

  • Testing
  • Diagnosis
  • Counseling
  • Treatment
  • Education

The Bend Headache Center wants to help Bend, Oregon to “Live a Pain Free Life.”


Call today at (541) 330-0500 or check out our Facebook to get more information.