It is extremely common to see headaches be misdiagnosed.  In fact 70 percent of headaches are misdiagnosed.  

Migraine Treatment Is Here At Bend Headache Center In Central Oregon

We believe no one should have to live the rest of their life in chronic pain. Treating the source & not the symptoms with a compassionate non-surgical 'drug free' approach customized to our clients.#LiveAPainFreeLife #BendHeadacheCenter

The Bend Headache Center specializes in more than "just headaches". Sleep apnea is a neglected but serious sleep disorder in which all of the bodies muscles relax, causing breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep. This significant, lifelong medical condition remains undiagnosed in millions of people in the U.S. and does not receive the attention that it should given its critical effects. The Bend Headache center provides expertise in diagnosing this condition, as well as ground breaking treatment options for those patients living with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Snoring Breathing Dentistry Device Custom Bend Headache Center
Snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea and can completely obstruct your airway, causing you to stop breathing. C-Pap machines are not always the answer and can even increase the issues that cause airway obstruction in the first place. The Bend Headache Center fabricates compact, specialized oral appliances specific to each individual patient. These incredible devices focus on the airway system as a whole, helping to open the airway and providing a restful night's sleep.

Drug Free Non Surgical Pain Relief Bend Headache Center Oregon Specialist

We hear this declaration at Bend Headache Center on a daily basis, and we are here to listen and help.

We have a dedicated team and the most up to date technology available to find and address the source of headaches, migraines, or even neck & facial pain. Our goal is to treat the cause, rather then give temporary solutions for the symptoms. We are passionate about offering effective treatment options that are Drug Free and Non-Surgical!

Non Surgical Pain Relief Bend Headache Center Migraine TMJ Oregon

That's a huge chunk of your life lost to debilitating pain as a migraine sufferer! You deserve to get back the time you've lost to exhausting agony, the time to enjoy and embrace a beautiful pain free life!

At Bend Headache Center we offer natural, non-surgical, drug-free options specifically designed to pinpoint the source of your individual pain. We will work with you every step of the way to get you back to living your life the way YOU want to!

Symptoms of Headache Treatment Bend Oregon Migraine Pediatric Relief

70% of migraines are misdiagnosed! You deserve a drug free non-surgical treatment option based on a custom, individualized diagnosis!

At Bend Headache Center we take the time to listen and create a custom approach aimed at treating the source, not the symptoms!
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Bend Headache Center Pain Relief Chronic Migraine Bend Oregon

It is not working out between us. We can no longer be together.

I tried to make it work. I tried diagnosis after diagnosis with you. I tried over the counter pills for you, I paid for prescriptions for you, I have tried to find a way to tolerate you in my life, but you don't care about me or my needs...

You interrupt my most beautiful moments, you interfere with my job, you take away my passion & you have no respect for the time I deserve with my family & my friends! I'm leaving you for good...!

I deserve to live a pain free life! I refuse to let you control me anymore. I will pursue non-surgical, drug free treatment... & you cannot stop me! Time to treat the source of you ... & not let your symptoms distract me just because you think you can come & go as you please...

No more!
"70% Of Migraines Are Misdiagnosed"
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Healthy Bend Headache Center Oregon Migraine Chronic Pain Relief

There is a great big beautiful world full of sunshine, lakes & rivers, hiking/biking trails, wildlife watching, and so much more to enjoy, and it's all right here in our own backyard!

You shouldn't have to waste a single day of summer hiding from all the things you wait all year to enjoy! Stop your monstrous bully headaches from calling the shots this year! Fight for your freedom to frolic in the summer sun! Get your consultation scheduled at Bend Headache Center and start Living Your Pain Free Life!

Headache Center Central Oregon Migraine TMJ Drug Free Surgery Free Bend Oregon

There is hope! Why continue to suffer the anxiety of never knowing when the next debilitating surge of pain will hit...?

At Bend Headache Center Dr. Kelley's individualized headache management fuses together testing, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, and education. We find and treat the source directly, without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.

Healthy Bend Headache Center Migraine TMJ TMD Pain Free Life

Look no further, let the Bend Headache Center be the final destination on your quest for a pain free life! We are proud to offer instant & long term relief through individualized, drug-free, non-surgical treatment.

Break free, live YOUR life the way YOU want to! Schedule your consultation today, you have nothing to lose, but a whole world of pain free experiences to gain!

Treat The Source Of Your Bend Headache Center Drug Free Oregon
70 percent of headaches are misdiagnosed! Postural problems, developmental disorders, stress, childhood airway problems, current airway issues, TMJ imbalance, sleep patterns, car accidents/ whiplash, nutritional habits, sinus issues, or any combinations of the above can be at the source of your headaches.
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